Axiom 0. Form is determined absolutely by position and location of the joints


It is right to want to dance because we survive by movement – the same impulse that makes you advance from sitting up, crawling, standing, walking, running and jumping is the same impulse you use to desire to dance.  I believe it is a deep evolutionary process.  Don’t ever denigrate it – for it is right to want to dance!

Axiom I.  Ballet is balance, dynamic artistic motion is best monitored through your sense of balance

 Axiom II.  Center of gravity defines absolute balance; Corollary: Balance is separated into three segments of body – head, body, legs) each counter balanced and inter-balanced into a whole dancing form

Axiom III.  The head contains and maintains its own center of gravity

Axiom IV.  The body contains and maintains its own center of gravity

Axiom V.  The legs contain and maintain their own center of gravity —-

Each of these three segments of mass simply needs to maintain their own ‘universe’ of balance as they operate as a whole dancing figure.

Axiom VI.  Anchor points must be set for motion to occur

Axiom VII.  The longer the leg, the stronger the leg, a principle of leverage and not an aesthetic declaration

Axiom VIII.  Focused eyes denote and achieve a focused form

Axiom IX.  Rhythm is senior to melody

Axiom X.  Motion is united with rhythm

Axiom XI.  Experience of position and motion is training

Axiom XII.  Experience of best application will develop best final form

Axiom XIII. The chain of motion follows the chain of nerves 

The simplicity of the above should not be overlooked – implementation provides immediate result and upgrade in performance and expression of classical form.