I bet you believe that all that could be known about ballet is already known.  That there is absolutely nothing left to be discovered about ballet either regarding training or in the performing artistry of the dance form.

Do you believe that? I used to but not any more.

I am here to proclaim loudly, badly and boldly to the entire world that you (and I) were wrong!

There are many new interesting and exciting discoveries that I have made about this art form that should, at very least, impact the length of time and effort it takes to train a student from the current eight to ten years (with uncertain results) down to five or maybe even two years!

Impossible? Hard to believe? What the heck am I typing about?

I am blogging about the discovered and codified “Axioms of Dance!”

Please stay tuned here for I plan to present these axioms one by one here on this blog spot – these principles are so simplistic yet crucial and they have been totally overlooked.  They have been sensed yet rarely directly taught.

These factors must be understood for they are essential for anyone longing to dance and dance well.

This is BRAND NEW KNOWLEDGE that you who love ballet and long to dance it and teach it well, must have!

Stay tuned!

;-Dance Axioms :-David